New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:55d-36 - Appeals

40:55D-36. Appeals
27. Appeals. Where the enforcement of section 26 of P.L.1975, c.291 (C.40:55D-35) would entail practical difficulty or unnecessary hardship, or where the circumstances of the case do not require the building or structure to be related to a street, the board of adjustment may upon application or appeal, vary the application of section 26 of P.L.1975, c.291 (C.40:55D-35) and direct the issuance of a permit subject to conditions that will provide adequate access for firefighting equipment, ambulances and other emergency vehicles necessary for the protection of health and safety and that will protect any future street layout shown on the official map or on a general circulation plan element of the municipal master plan pursuant to paragraph (4) of subsection b. of section 19 of P.L.1975, c.291 (C.40:55D-28).

Sections 59 through 62 of P.L.1975, c.291 (C.40:55D-72 through C.40:55D-75) shall apply to applications or appeals pursuant to this section. In any municipality in which there is no board of adjustment, the planning board shall have the same powers and be subject to the same restrictions as provided in this section.

The board of adjustment shall not exercise the power otherwise granted by this section if the proposed development requires approval by the planning board of a subdivision, site plan or conditional use in conjunction with which the planning board has power to direct the issuance of a permit pursuant to subsection c. of section 47 of P.L.1975, c.291 (C.40:55D-60).

L.1975,c.291,s.27; amended 1991,c.256,s.7.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016