New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:55d-38 - Contents Of Ordinance.

40:55D-38 Contents of ordinance.

29.Contents of ordinance. An ordinance requiring approval by the planning board of either subdivisions or site plans, or both, shall include the following:

a.Provisions, not inconsistent with other provisions of this act, for submission and processing of applications for development, including standards for preliminary and final approval and provisions for processing of final approval by stages or sections of development;

b.Provisions ensuring:

(1)Consistency of the layout or arrangement of the subdivision or land development with the requirements of the zoning ordinance;

(2)Streets in the subdivision or land development of sufficient width and suitable grade and suitably located to accommodate prospective traffic and to provide access for firefighting and emergency equipment to buildings and coordinated so as to compose a convenient system consistent with the official map, if any, and the circulation element of the master plan, if any, and so oriented as to permit, consistent with the reasonable utilization of land, the buildings constructed thereon to maximize solar gain; provided that no street of a width greater than 50 feet within the right-of-way lines shall be required unless said street constitutes an extension of an existing street of the greater width, or already has been shown on the master plan at the greater width, or already has been shown in greater width on the official map;

(3)Adequate water supply, drainage, shade trees, sewerage facilities and other utilities necessary for essential services to residents and occupants;

(4)Suitable size, shape and location for any area reserved for public use pursuant to section 32 of this act;

(5)Reservation pursuant to section 31 of P.L.1975, c.291 (C.40:55D-53) of any open space to be set aside for use and benefit of the residents of a cluster development or a planned development, resulting from the application of standards of density or intensity of land use, contained in the zoning ordinance, pursuant to section 52 of P.L.1975, c.291 (C.40:55D-65);

(6)Regulation of land designated as subject to flooding, pursuant to subsection e. of section 52 of P.L.1975, c.291 (C.40:55D-65), to avoid danger to life or property;

(7)Protection and conservation of soil from erosion by wind or water or from excavation or grading;

(8)Conformity with standards promulgated by the Commissioner of Transportation, pursuant to the "Air Safety and Zoning Act of 1983," P.L.1983, c.260 (C.6:1-80 et seq.), for any airport hazard areas delineated under that act;

(9)Conformity with a municipal recycling ordinance required pursuant to section 6 of P.L.1987, c.102 (C.13:1E-99.16);

(10) Conformity with the State highway access management code adopted by the Commissioner of Transportation under section 3 of the "State Highway Access Management Act," P.L.1989, c.32 (C.27:7-91), with respect to any State highways within the municipality;

(11) Conformity with any access management code adopted by the county under R.S.27:16-1, with respect to any county roads within the municipality;

(12) Conformity with any municipal access management code adopted under R.S.40:67-1, with respect to municipal streets;

(13) Protection of potable water supply reservoirs from pollution or other degradation of water quality resulting from the development or other uses of surrounding land areas, which provisions shall be in accordance with any siting, performance, or other standards or guidelines adopted therefor by the Department of Environmental Protection;

(14) Conformity with the public safety regulations concerning storm water detention facilities adopted pursuant to section 5 of P.L.1991, c.194 (C.40:55D-95.1) and reflected in storm water management plans and storm water management ordinances adopted pursuant to P.L.1981, c.32 (C.40:55D-93 et al.); and

(15) Conformity with the model ordinance promulgated by the Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Community Affairs pursuant to section 2 of P.L.1993, c.81 (C.13:1E-99.13a) regarding the inclusion of facilities for the collection or storage of source separated recyclable materials in any new multifamily housing development.

c.Provisions governing the standards for grading, improvement and construction of streets or drives and for any required walkways, curbs, gutters, streetlights, shade trees, fire hydrants and water, and drainage and sewerage facilities and other improvements as shall be found necessary, and provisions ensuring that such facilities shall be completed either prior to or subsequent to final approval of the subdivision or site plan by allowing the posting of performance guarantees by the developer;

d.Provisions ensuring that when a municipal zoning ordinance is in effect, a subdivision or site plan shall conform to the applicable provisions of the zoning ordinance, and where there is no zoning ordinance, appropriate standards shall be specified in an ordinance pursuant to this article; and

e.Provisions ensuring performance in substantial accordance with the final development plan; provided that the planning board may permit a deviation from the final plan, if caused by change of conditions beyond the control of the developer since the date of final approval, and the deviation would not substantially alter the character of the development or substantially impair the intent and purpose of the master plan and zoning ordinance.

L.1975, c.291, s.29; amended 1980, c.146, s.3; 1983, c.260, s.11; 1985, c.516, s.12; 1987, c.102, s.27; 1989, c.32, s.24; 1989, c.208; 1991, c.194, s.4; 1991, c.445, s.8; 1993, c.81, s.1; 2013, c.106, s.7; 2013, c.123, s.1.

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