New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:55d-35 - Building Lot To Abut Street

40:55D-35. Building lot to abut street
Building lot to abut street. No permit for the erection of any building or structure shall be issued unless the lot abuts a street giving access to such proposed building or structure. Such street shall have been duly placed on the official map or shall be (1) an existing State, county or municipal street or highway, or (2) a street shown upon a plan approved by the planning board, or (3) a street on a plat duly filed in the office of the county recording officer prior to the passage of an ordinance under this act or any prior law which required prior approval of plats by the governing body or other authorized body. Before any such permit shall be issued, (1) such street shall have been certified to be suitably improved to the satisfaction of the governing body, or such suitable improvement shall have been assured by means of a performance guarantee, in accordance with standards and specifications for road improvements approved by the governing body, as adequate in respect to the public health, safety and general welfare of the special circumstance of the particular street and, (2) it shall have been established that the proposed access conforms with the standards of the State highway access management code adopted by the Commissioner of Transportation under section 3 of the "State Highway Access Management Act," P.L 1989, c. 32 (C. 27:7-91), in the case of a State highway, with the standards of any access management code adopted by the county under R.S. 27:16-1 in the case of a county road or highway, and with the standards of any municipal access management code adopted under R.S. 40:67-1 in the case of a municipal street or highway.

L. 1975, c. 291, s. 26; amended L. 1989, c. 32, s. 23.

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