New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:55d-39 - Discretionary Contents Of Ordinance.

40:55D-39 Discretionary contents of ordinance.

29.1. Discretionary contents of ordinance. An ordinance requiring approval by the planning board of either subdivisions or site plans or both may include the following:

a.Provisions for off-tract water, sewer, drainage, and street improvements which are necessitated by a subdivision or land development, subject to the provisions of section 30 of P.L.1975, c.291 (C.40:55D-42);

b.Provisions for standards encouraging and promoting flexibility, and economy in layout and design through the use of planned development, cluster development or both; provided that such standards shall be appropriate to the type of development permitted; and provided further that the ordinance shall set forth the limits and extent of any special provisions applicable to planned developments and to cluster developments, considering the availability of existing and proposed infrastructure and the environmental characteristics of any area proposed for development and any area proposed for protection as open space, agricultural land, or historic site, so that the manner in which such special provisions differ from the standards otherwise applicable to subdivisions or site plans can be determined;

c.Provisions for planned development:

(1)Authorizing the planning board to grant general development plan approval to provide the increased flexibility desirable to promote mutual agreement between the applicant and the planning board on the basic scheme of a planned development and setting forth any variations from the ordinary standards for preliminary and final approval;

(2)Requiring that any common open space resulting from the application of standards for density, or intensity of land use, be set aside for the use and benefit of the owners or residents in such development subject to section 31 of P.L.1975, c.291 (C.40:55D-43);

(3)Setting forth how the amount and location of any common open space shall be determined and how its improvement and maintenance for common open space use shall be secured subject to section 31 of P.L.1975, c.291 (C.40:55D-43);

(4)Authorizing the planning board to allow for a greater concentration of density, or intensity of land use, within a section or sections of development, whether it be earlier, later or simultaneous in the development, than in others, in order to realize the preservation of agricultural lands, open space, and historic sites, or otherwise advance the purposes of P.L.1975, c.291 (C.40:55D-1 et seq.);

(5)Setting forth any requirement that the approval by the planning board of a greater concentration of density or intensity of land use for any section to be developed be offset by a smaller concentration in any completed prior stage or by an appropriate reservation of public open space or common open space on the remaining land, or preservation of land for historic or agricultural purposes, by grant of development restriction, easement, or by covenant in favor of the municipality; provided that such reservation shall, as far as practicable, defer the precise location of common open space until an application for final approval is filed, so that flexibility of development can be maintained;

(6)Setting forth any requirements for timing of development among the various types of uses and subgroups thereunder and, in the case of planned unit development and planned unit residential development, whether some nonresidential uses are required to be built before, after or at the same time as the residential uses.

d.Provisions ensuring in the case of a development which proposes construction over a period of years, the protection of the interests of the public and of the residents, occupants and owners of the proposed development in the total completion of the development.

e.Provisions that require as a condition for local municipal approval the submission of proof that no taxes or assessments for local improvements are due or delinquent on the property for which any subdivision, site plan, or planned development application is made.

f.Provisions for the creation of a Site Plan Review Advisory Board for the purpose of reviewing all site plan applications and making recommendations to the planning board in regard thereto.

g.Provisions for standards governing outdoor advertising signs required to be permitted pursuant to P.L.1991, c.413 (C.27:5-5 et seq.) including, but not limited to, the location, placement, size and design thereof.

h.Provisions for cluster development:

(1)Authorizing the planning board flexibility to approve a subdivision or site plan or both through mutual agreement with an applicant to allow for the clustering of development within a section or sections of development at a greater concentration of density or intensity of land use than established for the zoning district, in order to achieve the goal of permanently protecting land as public open space or common open space, or for historic or agricultural purposes.

(2)Requiring the placement of a development restriction on any land identified for preservation in accordance with section 9 of P.L.2013, c.106 (C.40:55D-39.1).

i.Provisions requiring a successor developer to furnish a performance guarantee as a replacement for a performance guarantee that was previously accepted in accordance with standards adopted by ordinance and regulations adopted pursuant to section 1 of P.L.1999, c.68 (C.40:55D-53a) and section 41 of P.L.1975, c.291 (C.40:55D-53), or this subsection, for the purpose of assuring the installation and maintenance of on-tract improvements, and releasing the predecessor obligor and surety, if any, from liability pursuant to its performance guarantee.

L.1975, c.291, s.29.1; amended 1987, c.129, s.2; 2004, c.42, s.8; 2013, c.106, s.8; 2013, c.123, s.2.

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