New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:55d-40.2 - Findings, Declarations

40:55D-40.2. Findings, declarations
2. The Legislature hereby finds and declares that:

a. The multiplicity of standards for subdivisions and site improvements that currently exists in this State increases the costs of housing without commensurate gains in the protection of the public health and safety;

b. It is in the public interest to avoid unnecessary cost in the construction process and uniform site improvement standards that are both sound and cost effective will advance this goal;

c. Adoption of uniform site improvement standards will satisfy the need to ensure predictability;

d. The public interest is best served by having development review based, to the greatest extent possible, upon sound, objective site improvement standards rather than upon discretionary design standards;

e. The goal of streamlining the development approval process by improving the efficiency of the application process is best served by the establishment of a uniform set of technical site improvement standards for land development which represents a consensus of informed and interested parties and which adequately addresses their concerns;

f. In order to provide the widest possible range of design freedom and promote diversity, technical requirements should be based upon uniform site improvement standards; and

g. The policymaking aspects of development review are best separated from the making of technical determinations.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016