New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:55d-42 - Contribution For Off-tract Water, Sewer, Drainage, And Street Improvements.

40:55D-42 Contribution for off-tract water, sewer, drainage, and street improvements.

30.Contribution for off-tract water, sewer, drainage, and street improvements. The governing body may by ordinance adopt regulations requiring a developer, as a condition for approval of a subdivision or site plan, to pay the pro-rata share of the cost of providing only reasonable and necessary street improvements and water, sewerage and drainage facilities, and easements therefor, located off-tract but necessitated or required by construction or improvements within such subdivision or development. Such regulations shall be based on circulation and comprehensive utility service plans pursuant to subsections 19b.(4) and 19b.(5) of this act, respectively, and shall establish fair and reasonable standards to determine the proportionate or pro-rata amount of the cost of such facilities that shall be borne by each developer or owner within a related and common area, which standards shall not be altered subsequent to preliminary approval. Where a developer pays the amount determined as his pro-rata share under protest he shall institute legal action within one year of such payment in order to preserve the right to a judicial determination as to the fairness and reasonableness of such amount.

L.1975,c.291,s.30; amended 1998, c.95, s.8.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016