New York Executive Law Section 881 - Master application procedure.

* 881. Master application procedure. 1. The office shall develop and implement a master application procedure to expedite the identification and processing of permits for business undertakings, projects, and activities. A master application shall be made on a form prescribed by the office, such form to be designed primarily for the convenience of applicants confronting requirements for multiple permits from one or more state agencies, and shall provide for concise and specific information necessary to a determination of those permits which are or may be required for the undertaking, project, or activity.

2. Use of the master application procedure shall be at the option of any person proposing a business undertaking, project or activity. The office shall assist any person upon request in preparing a master application, describe the procedures involved, and provide such other information from the comprehensive permit information file as may be helpful or necessary.

3. Upon receipt of a master application the office shall immediately notify in writing each state agency having a possible interest in the proposed business undertaking, project, or activity with respect to permits which are or may be required.

4. Each state agency so notified shall respond to the office within fifteen days of receipt of the notice and shall advise the office whether one or more permits under its jurisdiction are or may be required for the business undertaking, project, or activity described in the master application. The response shall specify the permits which in the opinion of the agency are or may be required, if any, and shall indicate the fees to be charged.

5. Any state agency so notified which responds that it does not have an interest in the permit requirements of the business undertaking, project, or activity described in the master application, or which does not respond within the time period specified in subdivision four of this section, shall not require a permit for the undertaking, project, or activity described in the master application.

6. The provisions of subdivision five of this section shall not apply if the master application contained false, misleading or deceptive information, or failed to include pertinent information, the lack of which could reasonably lead a state agency to misjudge the applicability of permits under its jurisdiction, or if new permit requirements or related standards subsequently became effective for which a state agency had no discretion in establishing the effective date thereof.

7. The office, following the fifteen day notice and response period, shall promptly provide the person having submitted a master application with application forms and related information for all permits specified by the interested state agencies and shall advise such person:

(a) that all such forms are to be completed and submitted to the interested state agencies; or, at the option of the applicant,

(b) that the office will receive all such forms as a package with the fees to be charged, if any, and that the office will immediately separate and submit such forms and any allocable fees to the interested state agencies.

8. An applicant may withdraw a master application at any time without forfeiture of any permit approval applied for or obtained under the master application procedures contained in this section.

* NB Authority of office terminated per 893 December 31, 1995

Last modified: February 3, 2019