New York Executive Law Section 888 - Federal and local government participation.

* 888. Federal and local government participation. 1. Federal and local government permit agencies shall be encouraged to participate in the business permit information, coordination, and assistance services of the office and to make information available to applicants through the office with respect to any business undertaking, project, or activity which is referred to the office under the provisions of this article.

2. The office shall, so far as is practicable, advise applicants of federal and local agency permit requirements and shall maintain an information file on permits for which the state has delegated issuance authority to local government agencies.

3. The director shall consult with local government officials with respect to cooperation in coordinating state and local permit application and review procedures and shall recommend to the governor and the legislature any actions which would facilitate such coordination.

* NB Authority of office terminated per 893 December 31, 1995

Last modified: February 3, 2019