New York Executive Law Section 890 - Temporary assignment or permanent transfer of personnel.

* 890. Temporary assignment or permanent transfer of personnel. The director, in consultation with the head of the agency concerned and with the approval of the director of the budget, may provide for the temporary assignment or transfer of officers and employees of state agencies to the office on a permanent or temporary basis in a manner consistent with and authorized by the civil service law as the director of the office may deem necessary to the performance of the functions and duties of the office. Employees permanently transferred shall be transferred without further examination or qualification and shall retain their respective civil service classification and status. Any such employee who, at the time of such transfer, has a temporary or provisional appointment shall be transferred subject to the same right of removal, examination or termination as though such transfer had not been made. No existing right or benefit, including retirement benefits or remedy of any character, shall be lost, impaired or affected by reason of this article. Transfer of employees pursuant to this article shall be governed solely and exclusively by the provisions hereof notwithstanding other provisions of the law.

* NB Authority of office terminated per 893 December 31, 1995

Last modified: February 3, 2019