Oregon Statutes - Chapter 199 - Local Government Boundary Commissions; City-County Consolidation; Local Regulation of Shopping Carts - Section 199.777 - New county or county boundary change authorized when unincorporated area rejects consolidation.

(1) When a city-county charter is approved and city-county consolidation takes place under ORS 199.705 to 199.795 and if, at the election held under ORS 199.735, a majority of the electors in the unincorporated area voting at the election votes to reject the proposed city-county charter and city-county consolidation, the electors of the unincorporated area may seek to form a new county in the unincorporated area or to change the boundaries of the city-county and a contiguous county in order to place the unincorporated area within that contiguous county.

(2) The electors of any city that does not become part of the city-county and that is contiguous to the unincorporated area may jointly seek the formation of a new county or a change in county boundaries with the electors of the unincorporated area.

(3) Proceedings to form a new county or to change county boundaries as authorized by this section shall be conducted as provided in ORS 199.780 to 199.795 and ORS chapter 202, except that ORS 202.020, 202.030, 202.040, 202.050, 202.060 and 202.070 do not apply to such proceedings. [1997 c.494 §11]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008