Oregon Statutes - Chapter 267 - Mass Transit Districts; Transportation Districts - Section 267.250 - Definitions for ORS 267.250 to 267.263.

As used in ORS 267.250 to 267.263:

(1) “Affected area” means a contiguous area of not less than one square mile in which 200 or more district electors reside and which is within the boundaries of a district, but is outside the boundaries of any city with a population exceeding 10,000. However, the term does not include an area if the withdrawal of that area from the district results in the district having two or more noncontiguous parts.

(2) “Direct service,” with respect to an affected area described in a petition filed under ORS 267.253, means the location or placement of any of the facilities of the district or of any route used by the transit system of the district within one mile of any boundary of the affected area. [1987 c.799 §2; 1999 c.444 §§1,2]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008