Oregon Statutes - Chapter 276 - Public Facilities - Section 276.265 - Apprenticeship programs; state agency as training agent.

(1) It is the policy of this state to encourage public agencies to participate in apprenticeship programs. Every public agency employing five or more persons in the same apprenticeable occupation for the improvement or maintenance, not including routine maintenance, of a public facility shall be encouraged to register as a training agent with the appropriate apprenticeship committees and shall be expected to employ at least one apprentice for that apprenticeable occupation, subject to the public agency’s available and legislatively approved budget resources. The public agency shall be subject in its capacity as a training agent to the rules and policies of the responsible apprenticeship committees and the State Apprenticeship and Training Council.

(2) For purposes of this section:

(a) “Apprenticeable occupation” has the meaning defined in ORS 660.010.

(b) “Employing five or more persons” means the employment of five or more persons at any time during the current or immediately prior fiscal year; provided, however, that a public agency may petition the State Apprenticeship and Training Council for exemption from the requirements of this section on the grounds that the public agency’s circumstances have so changed since the immediately prior fiscal year as to make application of this section contrary to the interests of current or potential apprentices.

(c) “Improvement or maintenance, not including routine maintenance” means construction, reconstruction and major renovation of or to and painting of public facilities and includes the remodeling, alteration and emergency repair of buildings, other structures, real property, highways and roads. “Improvement or maintenance, not including routine maintenance” does not include minor alteration, ordinary repair or maintenance necessary in order to preserve a public facility.

(d) “Public agency” means the State of Oregon or any political subdivision thereof or any county, city, district, authority, public corporation or entity and any of their instrumentalities organized and existing under law or charter.

(e) “Public facility” means the works, buildings and grounds owned, leased or rented by a public agency and which are situated within the State of Oregon, and shall include any such works, buildings or grounds governed, managed or administered by the Oregon Department of Administrative Services. [1991 c.897 §2]

(Financing Construction, Maintenance and Repair)

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Last modified: August 7, 2008