Oregon Statutes - Chapter 285A - Economic Development I - Section 285A.070 - Economic and Community Development Department; organization; director; confirmation; duties.

(1) The Economic and Community Development Department is established.

(2) The department shall be under the supervision of the Director of the Economic and Community Development Department, who shall be appointed by and shall hold office at the pleasure of the Governor.

(3) The appointment of the director shall be subject to confirmation by the Senate in the manner provided by ORS 171.562 and 171.565.

(4) Subject to policy direction by the Oregon Economic and Community Development Commission, the director shall:

(a) Be the administrative head of the department;

(b) Administer the laws of the state relating to economic development; and

(c) Intervene, as authorized by the commission, pursuant to the rules of practice and procedure, in the proceedings of state and federal agencies that may substantially affect economic development within Oregon.

(5) In addition to duties otherwise required by law, and subject to policy direction by the commission, the director shall prescribe rules for the government of the department, the conduct of its employees, the assignment and performance of its business and the custody, use and preservation of its records, papers and property, based on best managerial practices as determined by the director and in a manner consistent with applicable law.

(6) The director shall organize the department in whatever manner the director considers necessary to conduct the work of the department efficiently and effectively, subject to approval by the commission.

(7) The director may appoint all subordinate officers and employees of the department and may prescribe their duties, assignments and reassignments and fix their compensation, subject to any applicable provisions of the State Personnel Relations Law. Subject to any other applicable law regulating travel expenses, the officers and employees of the department shall be allowed such reasonable and necessary travel and other expenses as may be incurred in the performance of their duties.

(8) The director may delegate the exercise or discharge of any power, duty or function that is vested in or imposed by law upon the director to any department employee for the purpose of conducting an official act in the name of the director. The official act of any person acting in the name of the director by the authority of the director is an official act of the director.

(9) The director may require a fidelity bond of any officer or employee of the department who has charge of, handles or has access to any state money or property, and who is not otherwise required by law to give a bond. The director shall fix the amount of the bond, except as otherwise provided by law, and approve the sureties. The department shall pay the premiums on the bond.

(10) The Oregon Economic and Community Development Commission shall report periodically to the Governor on the director’s performance and make appropriate recommendations. [Formerly 285.033; 1999 c.509 §7; 2007 c.804 §7]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008