Oregon Statutes - Chapter 469 - Energy; Conservation Programs; Energy Facilities - Section 469.501 - Energy facility siting, construction, operation and retirement standards; exemptions.

(1) The Energy Facility Siting Council shall adopt standards for the siting, construction, operation and retirement of facilities. The standards may address but need not be limited to the following subjects:

(a) The organizational, managerial and technical expertise of the applicant to construct and operate the proposed facility.

(b) Seismic hazards.

(c) Areas designated for protection by the state or federal government, including but not limited to monuments, wilderness areas, wildlife refuges, scenic waterways and similar areas.

(d) The financial ability and qualifications of the applicant.

(e) Effects of the facility, taking into account mitigation, on fish and wildlife, including threatened and endangered fish, wildlife or plant species.

(f) Impacts of the facility on historic, cultural or archaeological resources listed on, or determined by the State Historic Preservation Officer to be eligible for listing on, the National Register of Historic Places or the Oregon State Register of Historic Properties.

(g) Protection of public health and safety, including necessary safety devices and procedures.

(h) The accumulation, storage, disposal and transportation of nuclear waste.

(i) Impacts of the facility on recreation, scenic and aesthetic values.

(j) Reduction of solid waste and wastewater generation to the extent reasonably practicable.

(k) Ability of the communities in the affected area to provide sewers and sewage treatment, water, storm water drainage, solid waste management, housing, traffic safety, police and fire protection, health care and schools.

(L) The need for proposed nongenerating facilities as defined in ORS 469.503, consistent with the state energy policy set forth in ORS 469.010 and 469.310. The council may consider least-cost plans when adopting a need standard or in determining whether an applicable need standard has been met. The council shall not adopt a standard requiring a showing of need or cost-effectiveness for generating facilities as defined in ORS 469.503.

(m) Compliance with the statewide planning goals adopted by the Land Conservation and Development Commission as specified by ORS 469.503.

(n) Soil protection.

(o) For energy facilities that emit carbon dioxide, the impacts of those emissions on climate change. For fossil-fueled power plants, as defined in ORS 469.503, the council shall apply a standard as provided for by ORS 469.503 (2).

(2) The council may adopt exemptions from any need standard adopted under subsection (1)(L) of this section if the exemption is consistent with the state’s energy policy set forth in ORS 469.010 and 469.310.

(3) The council may issue a site certificate for a facility that does not meet one or more of the standards adopted under subsection (1) of this section if the council determines that the overall public benefits of the facility outweigh the damage to the resources protected by the standards the facility does not meet.

(4) Notwithstanding subsection (1) of this section, the council may not impose any standard developed under subsection (1)(b), (f), (j) or (k) of this section to approve or deny an application for an energy facility producing power from wind, solar or geothermal energy. However, the council may, to the extent it determines appropriate, apply any standards adopted under subsection (1)(b), (f), (j) or (k) of this section to impose conditions on any site certificate issued for any energy facility. [1993 c.569 §22 (469.501, 469.503, 469.505 and 469.507 enacted in lieu of 469.500 and 469.510); 1995 c.505 §20; 1997 c.428 §3; 2001 c.134 §7]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008