Oregon Statutes - Chapter 469 - Energy; Conservation Programs; Energy Facilities - Section 469.470 - Powers and duties; rules.

The Energy Facility Siting Council shall:

(1) Conduct and prepare, independently or in cooperation with others, studies, investigations, research and programs relating to all aspects of site selection.

(2) In accordance with the applicable provisions of ORS chapter 183, and subject to the provisions of ORS 469.501 (3), adopt standards and rules to perform the functions vested by law in the council including the adoption of standards and rules for the siting of energy facilities pursuant to ORS 469.501, and implementation of the energy policy of the State of Oregon set forth in ORS 469.010 and 469.310.

(3) Encourage voluntary cooperation by the people, municipalities, counties, industries, agriculture, and other pursuits, in performing the functions vested by law in the council.

(4) Advise, consult, and cooperate with other agencies of the state, political subdivisions, industries, other states, the federal government and affected groups, in furtherance of the purposes of ORS 469.300 to 469.563, 469.590 to 469.619, 469.930 and 469.992.

(5) Consult with the Water Resources Commission on the need for power and other areas within the expertise of the council when the Water Resources Commission is determining whether to allocate water for hydroelectric development.

(6) Perform such other and further acts as may be necessary, proper or desirable to carry out effectively the duties, powers and responsibilities of the council described in ORS 469.300 to 469.563, 469.590 to 469.619, 469.930 and 469.992. [Formerly 453.455; 1991 c.480 §7; 1993 c.544 §5; 1993 c.569 §19; 1995 c.505 §18]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008