Oregon Statutes - Chapter 479 - Protection of Buildings From Fire; Electrical Safety Law - Section 479.760 - Certification of electrical products; safety indicators.

(1) An electrical product may not be certified unless the product meets electrical product safety standards established in rule by concurrence of the Electrical and Elevator Board and the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services.

(2) Any person may apply to have the Department of Consumer and Business Services certify an electrical product. The department shall certify an electrical product if the product is shown to meet electrical product safety standards by one of the following methods:

(a) An equipment safety program approved by the board;

(b) Equipment minimum safety standards established by concurrence of the board and the director;

(c) An evaluation by an approved field evaluation firm;

(d) A listing from a nationally recognized testing laboratory;

(e) An evaluation of a first model of a product by the board; or

(f) Any other method approved by the board.

(3) To have an electrical product certified, a person may submit a specimen, sample or prototype to the department within a reasonable time before the date on which certification will be required, together with a fee set by the department sufficient to defray the cost of shipment and evaluation. The department shall evaluate the electrical product to determine whether the product meets electrical product safety standards. Not later than six months after receipt of a specimen, prototype or sample the department shall complete the required evaluation and give a decision certifying or rejecting the product. The department may appoint a special deputy or enter into an appropriate contract with a testing laboratory approved by the board under this section for the evaluation required under this subsection.

(4) The director with the approval of the board may establish standards and procedures for the approval of testing laboratories to test electrical products in the certification process under this section. [1959 c.406 §§16 (2) and (3),22,23; 1981 c.815 §26; 1999 c.794 §1; 2001 c.573 §17; 2003 c.299 §5]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008