Oregon Statutes - Chapter 532 - Branding of Forest Products and Booming Equipment - Section 532.010 - Definitions for ORS 532.010 to 532.140.

For purposes of ORS 532.010 to 532.140, unless the context or subject matter otherwise requires:

(1) “Booming equipment” includes boom sticks.

(2) “Brand” means an identifying mark upon forest products or booming equipment, as provided by rule and regulation of the State Forester; but any brands in use and registered with the Public Utility Commission on October 1, 1951, with the exception of those brands enclosed in the letter “C,” the use of which is particularly reserved for catch brands, may be continued in use, subject to the other provisions of ORS 532.010 to 532.140.

(3) “Catch brand” means a mark of brand used by a person as an identifying mark upon forest products and booming equipment previously owned by another.

(4) “Forest products” means any form, including but not limited to logs, poles and piles, into which a fallen tree may be cut before it undergoes manufacturing, but not including peeler cores.

(5) “Highway” means every street, alley, road, highway and thoroughfare in this state, used by the public or dedicated or appropriated to public use.

(6) “Motor vehicle” means any self-propelled or motor driven vehicle or any train or combination of vehicles used upon any highway in this state in transporting forest products.

(7) “Railroad” means any self-propelled vehicle or any train or combination of vehicles operating wholly on fixed rails or tracks.

(8) “Waters of this state” includes all bodies of fresh and salt water within the jurisdiction of the state capable of being used for the transportation of forest products, and all rivers and lakes and their tributaries, harbors, bays, sloughs and marshes. [Amended by 1961 c.253 §1]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008