Oregon Statutes - Chapter 532 - Branding of Forest Products and Booming Equipment - Section 532.060 - Application for registration of catch brand.

Every person desiring to use a catch brand as an identifying mark upon forest products or booming equipment purchased or lawfully acquired by the person from another shall, before using it, make application for its registration in the office of the State Forester in the manner prescribed for the registration of brands, and the provisions contained in ORS 532.010 to 532.140 in reference to registration, certifications, assignments and cancellation and the fees to be paid to the State Forester shall apply equally to catch brands. However, the certificate of the State Forester shall designate the mark or brand as a catch brand, and the mark selected by the applicant as a catch brand shall be enclosed in the letter C, which letter C shall identify the mark as, and shall be used only in connection with, a catch brand.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008