Oregon Statutes - Chapter 532 - Branding of Forest Products and Booming Equipment - Section 532.050 - Application for registration of brand; registration; rejection.

(1) Every person selecting a brand, before using it, shall make application for its registration in the office of the State Forester by depositing therein an impression stamped on a designated form, together with, in duplicate, a written statement duly signed and verified by the person or the agent of the person, containing a description of the brand and declaring that it is not, and at the time of its adoption by the person, was not in use to the knowledge of the person by any other person and that the person has selected it in good faith for branding forest products to be transported on motor vehicles or railroads, or floated or rafted in the waters of this state, or booming equipment to be used by the person as a part of the operations in securing, rafting or floating forest products.

(2) The State Forester, upon the receipt of the application and the fee provided in ORS 532.110, if the State Forester finds that the brand is not identical with any other brand registered in the office of the State Forester or does not so closely resemble one registered therein as to be confused therewith, shall file in the office of the State Forester the impression or drawing and one copy of the written statement and shall register the brand in a book to be provided by the State Forester and kept for the purpose and known as the Forest Products Brand Register, entering therein the name of the owner, character of the brand, date of registration and such other details as the State Forester may see fit to enter therein. The State Forester shall return to the applicant the other copy of the written statement as evidence that the brand has been duly registered in accordance with the provisions of ORS 532.010 to 532.140 and that the applicant is the registered owner. The State Forester, in the event of refusal to register a brand on account of confliction with or resemblance to one already registered, shall immediately give notice of that fact to the applicant, who may select another brand and apply for its registration in the manner of an original application.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008