Oregon Statutes - Chapter 532 - Branding of Forest Products and Booming Equipment - Section 532.080 - Mark or brand assignable; procedure.

Every mark or brand registered under ORS 532.010 to 532.140 shall be assignable in law. The State Forester, upon payment of the fee mentioned in ORS 532.110 and presentation to the State Forester, in duplicate, of an assignment, duly executed and acknowledged by the owner, transferring the mark or brand to a person named therein, shall file one copy of the assignment in the office of the State Forester and make an entry in the Forest Products Brand Register of the fact of the assignment, the date, the name of the assignee and such other details as the State Forester may see fit to enter therein. The State Forester shall return to the assignee the other copy of the assignment, with a certificate attached thereto, signed by the State Forester or the employee of the State Forester, to the effect that the mark or brand has been duly registered in accordance with the provisions of ORS 532.010 to 532.140 and assigned to the assignee and that the assignee is the registered owner. The assignee, upon the due registration of the assignment as herein provided, shall become the owner of the mark or brand with the full right of exclusive use to the same extent as though the assignee had been the original owner.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008