Oregon Statutes - Chapter 555 - Reclamation Projects - Section 555.040 - Powers of Water Resources Commission as to contracts with Secretary of Interior for lands to be reclaimed; lien for expenses.

Upon application, made as provided in ORS 555.050, by any person desiring to reclaim any of the desert government lands in this state, the Water Resources Commission shall make proper application for the lands which the applicant undertakes to reclaim, and make and enter into contract or agreement with the Secretary of the Interior for the donation and patent to the state, free of cost for survey or price, of such desert lands. The commission may make and enter into such contracts and agreements, and create and assume such obligations in relation to and concerning the lands, as may be necessary to induce and cause such reclamation thereof as is required by the contract with the Secretary of the Interior and the Acts of Congress. The commission may create a lien which shall be valid on and against the separate legal subdivisions of land reclaimed, for the necessary expenses of reclamation, and reasonable interest thereon from the date of reclamation until the lien is satisfied; provided that in no event, in no contingency, and under no circumstances, shall the state be in any manner directly or indirectly liable for any amount of any such lien or liability, in whole or in part.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008