Oregon Statutes - Chapter 555 - Reclamation Projects - Section 555.050 - Application to Water Resources Commission for lands to be reclaimed; selection and withdrawal of lands.

(1) Any person desiring to construct ditches, canals or other irrigation works to reclaim land under the provisions of ORS 555.010 to 555.160 shall, at the expense of the person, file with the Water Resources Commission an application for selection on behalf of the state, by the commission, of the land to be reclaimed. The application shall conform to all requirements of the federal laws and rulings thereunder, and be accompanied by the necessary land office fees and such additional data as may be prescribed by the commission, including a preliminary estimate of costs and the amount of lien asked for. If the application is made in proper form, and it appears that the proposed plan is feasible, that the applicant is financially able to complete the work, and that its completion will be to the best interests of the state, then the commission, at the expense and cost of the applicant, shall make proper application for the selection and withdrawal of the lands included in the application.

(2) The commission may do all things necessary to secure the withdrawal of lands on behalf of the commission by the Secretary of the Interior, and let a contract to the lowest responsible bidder for the reclamation and colonization of the same when withdrawn.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008