Oregon Statutes - Chapter 624 - Food Service Facilities - Section 624.370 - Inspection of commissary, warehouse, mobile unit or vending machine; report of Director of Human Services; hearing.

(1) At least once every six months, the Director of Human Services shall inspect every commissary and warehouse, and a representative number of each operatorís mobile units and vending machines. The director shall be granted access at reasonable times to all parts of the commissary and shall have access, either in the company of an employee or otherwise, to the interior of all vending machines or mobile units of the operator at such times as the director considers necessary to insure compliance with the provisions of ORS 624.310 to 624.430.

(2) Samples of food, drink and other substances may be taken and examined by the director as often as may be necessary for the detection of unwholesomeness or adulteration. The director may condemn and prohibit the sale of or cause to be removed or destroyed, any food or drink which contains any toxic, contaminated, filthy, putrid, decomposed or diseased substance or if it is otherwise unfit for human consumption.

(3) One copy of the inspection report shall be posted by the director upon an inside wall of the commissary or placed in the mobile unit. The inspection report shall not be defaced or removed by any person except the director. A copy of the inspection report on vending machines shall be sent to the operator. Another copy of each inspection report shall be filed with the records of the Department of Human Services.

(4) If the director discovers the violation of any provision of ORS 624.310 to 624.430 or any rule promulgated thereunder, the director shall make a second inspection after the lapse of such time as the director considers necessary for the defect to be remedied.

(5) If a violation is of a nature so as to constitute a danger to the health of the people of this state, the director may order immediate closure of the commissary, mobile unit, or vending machine and shall, within 24 hours of the time of inspection, mail to or serve personally on the licensee a copy of the inspection report signed by the director showing thereon the particular facility closed and the reason. The director shall, if requested, hold a hearing in accordance with ORS chapter 183. [1963 c.575 §8; 1973 c.825 §17; 1975 c.792 §2]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008