Oregon Statutes - Chapter 624 - Food Service Facilities - Section 624.380 - Diseased persons working in commissary or mobile unit; suspicion of possible transmission of infection.

(1) No person affected with a communicable disease described in ORS 624.080 (1) or is a carrier of such disease shall work in any commissary, mobile unit or in the servicing of vending machines nor shall any operator employ any such person or any person suspected of being affected with any communicable disease or of being a carrier of such disease. If the operator suspects that any employee has an infectious disease in a communicable form or may be a carrier of such a disease the operator shall notify the Director of Human Services immediately. A placard containing this section shall be posted in all toilet rooms.

(2) When, in the opinion of the director, there is a possibility of transmission of infection from any person or employee, the director may require the immediate exclusion of such person or employee from all commissaries, mobile units and vending machines and may require a medical examination of the person or employee and associates of the person or employee including such laboratory examinations as may be indicated. [1963 c.575 §9; 1973 c.825 §18]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008