Oregon Statutes - Chapter 688 - Therapeutic and Technical Services: Physical Therapists; Radiologic Technologists and Radiation Therapists; Hemodialysis Technicians; Athletic Trainers; Respiratory Therapists - Section 688.718 - Registration required; exceptions.

(1) A person may not practice athletic training or claim to be a registered athletic trainer unless the person is registered under ORS 688.720.

(2) Nothing in ORS 688.701 to 688.734 is intended to:

(a) Limit, preclude or otherwise interfere with the practices of health care providers or other persons licensed or registered in this state under any other statutes, or prevent health care providers or other persons from engaging in the profession or occupation for which the health care provider or person is licensed or registered;

(b) Prevent any person from practicing athletic training if the person is employed as an athletic trainer by the federal government or any of its agencies;

(c) Preclude any person from pursuing a supervised course of study leading to a degree or registration as an athletic trainer in an accredited or approved educational program if the person is identified by a title that clearly indicates student or trainee status;

(d) Prevent any person from completing any supervised practical experience requirements established by the Board of Athletic Trainers by rule; or

(e) Prohibit any person from performing athletic training services in this state for purposes of continuing education, consulting or training if the services are performed for no more than 60 days in any calendar year and are performed in association with a registered athletic trainer if the person is:

(A) Registered or licensed and in good standing as an athletic trainer in another state; or

(B) Certified by and in good standing as an athletic trainer with the National Athletic Trainers Association Board of Certification.

(3) Nothing in ORS 688.701 to 688.734 shall be construed to require registration of elementary or secondary school teachers, coaches or volunteers who do not hold themselves out to the public to be athletic trainers. [1999 c.736 §6]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008