15 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 1755 - Time Of Holding Meetings Of Shareholders

§ 1755. Time of holding meetings of shareholders.

(a) Regular meetings.--The bylaws of a business corporation may provide for the number and the time of meetings of shareholders. Except as otherwise provided in the articles, at least one meeting of the shareholders shall be held in each calendar year for the election of directors at such time as shall be provided in or fixed pursuant to authority granted by the bylaws. Failure to hold the annual or other regular meeting at the designated time shall not work a dissolution of the corporation or affect otherwise valid corporate acts. If the annual or other regular meeting is not called and held within six months after the designated time, any shareholder may call the meeting at any time thereafter.

(b) Special meetings.--Special meetings of the shareholders may be called at any time:

(1) by the board of directors;

(2) unless otherwise provided in the articles, by shareholders entitled to cast at least 20% of the votes that all shareholders are entitled to cast at the particular meeting; or

(3) by such officers or other persons as may be provided in the bylaws.

At any time, upon written request of any person who has called a special meeting, it shall be the duty of the secretary to fix the time of the meeting which, if the meeting is called pursuant to a statutory right, shall be held not more than 60 days after the receipt of the request. If the secretary neglects or refuses to fix the time of the meeting, the person or persons calling the meeting may do so. See section 2521 (relating to call of special meetings of shareholders).

(c) Adjournments.--Adjournments of any regular or special meeting may be taken but any meeting at which directors are to be elected shall be adjourned only from day to day, or for such longer periods not exceeding 15 days each as the shareholders present and entitled to vote shall direct, until the directors have been elected. See section 2522 (relating to adjournment of meetings of shareholders).

(d) Cross reference.--See section 1106(b)(4) (relating to uniform application of subpart).

(Dec. 19, 1990, P.L.834, No.198, eff. imd.)

1990 Amendment. Act 198 amended subsec. (a) and added subsec. (d).

Cross References. Section 1755 is referred to in section 1106 of this title.

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