15 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 1762 - Voting By Corporations

§ 1762. Voting by corporations.

(a) Voting in business corporation matters.--Any other domestic or foreign corporation for profit or not-for-profit that is a shareholder of a business corporation may vote by any of its officers or agents, or by proxy appointed by any officer or agent, unless some other person, by resolution of the board of directors of the other corporation or a provision of its articles or bylaws, a copy of which resolution or provision certified to be correct by one of its officers has been filed with the secretary of the business corporation, is appointed its general or special proxy in which case that person shall be entitled to vote the shares.

(b) Voting by business corporations.--Shares of or memberships in a domestic or foreign corporation for profit or not-for-profit other than a business corporation, standing in the name of a shareholder or member that is a business corporation, may be voted by the persons and in the manner provided for in the case of business corporations by subsection (a) unless the laws of the jurisdiction in which the issuer of the shares or memberships is incorporated require the shares or memberships to be voted by some other person or persons or in some other manner in which case, to the extent that those laws are inconsistent herewith, this subsection shall not apply.

(c) Controlled shares.--Shares of a business corporation owned, directly or indirectly, by it and controlled, directly or indirectly, by the board of directors of the corporation, as such, shall not be voted at any meeting and shall not be counted in determining the total number of outstanding shares for voting purposes at any given time.

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