15 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 1761 - Voting By Joint Holders Of Shares

§ 1761. Voting by joint holders of shares.

(a) General rule.--Where shares of a business corporation are held jointly or as tenants in common by two or more persons, as fiduciaries or otherwise:

(1) if only one or more of such persons is present in person or by proxy, all of the shares standing in the names of such persons shall be deemed to be represented for the purpose of determining a quorum and the corporation shall accept as the vote of all the shares the vote cast by him or a majority of them; and

(2) if the persons are equally divided upon whether the shares held by them shall be voted or upon the manner of voting the shares, the voting of the shares shall be divided equally among the persons without prejudice to the rights of the joint owners or the beneficial owners thereof among themselves.

(b) Exception.--If there has been filed with the secretary of the corporation a copy, certified by an attorney at law to be correct, of the relevant portions of the agreement under which the shares are held or the instrument by which the trust or estate was created or the order of court appointing them or of an order of court directing the voting of the shares, the persons specified as having such voting power in the latest document so filed, and only those persons, shall be entitled to vote the shares but only in accordance therewith.

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Last modified: October 8, 2016