15 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 5902 - Statement Of Termination

§ 5902. Statement of termination.

(a) General rule.--If articles of amendment have been filed in the department prior to the termination of the amendment pursuant to provisions therefor set forth in the resolution or petition relating to the amendment, the termination shall not be effective unless the corporation shall, prior to the time the amendment or plan is to become effective, file in the department a statement of termination. The statement of termination shall be executed by the corporation that filed the amendment and shall set forth:

(1) A copy of the articles of amendment.

(2) A statement that the amendment has been terminated in accordance with the provisions therefor set forth therein.

(b) Cross references.--See sections 134 (relating to docketing statement) and 138 (relating to statement of correction).

(Oct. 22, 2014, P.L.2640, No.172, eff. July 1, 2015)

2014 Amendment. Act 172 amended subsec. (a).

Cross References. Section 5902 is referred to in section 5914 of this title.

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