15 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 5912 - Proposal Of Amendments

§ 5912. Proposal of amendments.

(a) General rule.--Every amendment of the articles of a nonprofit corporation shall be proposed:

(1) by the adoption by the board of directors or other body of a resolution setting forth the proposed amendment;

(2) unless otherwise provided in the articles, by petition of members entitled to cast at least 10% of the votes that all members are entitled to cast thereon, setting forth the proposed amendment, which petition shall be directed to the board of directors and filed with the secretary of the corporation; or

(3) by such other method as may be provided in the bylaws.

(b) Submission to members.--Except where the approval of the members is unnecessary under this subchapter, the board of directors or other body shall direct that the proposed amendment be submitted to a vote of the members entitled to vote thereon at a regular or special meeting of the members.

(c) Form of amendment.--The resolution or petition shall contain the language of the proposed amendment of the articles:

(1) by setting forth the existing text of the articles or the provision thereof that is proposed to be amended, with brackets around language that is to be deleted and underscoring under language that is to be added; or

(2) by providing that the articles shall be amended so as to read as therein set forth in full, or that any provision thereof be amended so as to read as therein set forth in full, or that the matter stated in the resolution or petition be added to or stricken from the articles.

(d) Terms of amendment.--The resolution or petition may set forth the manner and basis of reclassifying the memberships in or shares of the corporation. Any of the terms of a plan of reclassification or other action contained in an amendment may be made dependent upon facts ascertainable outside of the amendment if the manner in which the facts will operate upon the terms of the amendment is set forth in the amendment. Such facts may include, without limitation, actions or events within the control of or determinations made by the corporation or a representative of the corporation.

(June 22, 2001, P.L.418, No.34, eff. 60 days)

Cross References. Section 5912 is referred to in section 5914 of this title.

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