15 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 7102 - Cooperative Corporations Generally

§ 7102. Cooperative corporations generally.

(a) General rule.--Any corporation incorporated under this part may be organized on the cooperative principle by setting forth in its articles a common bond of membership among its shareholders or members by reason of occupation, residence or otherwise and that it is a cooperative corporation.

(b) Applicable law.--A corporation incorporated under this subpart shall be governed by the applicable provisions of this subpart and, to the extent not inconsistent with this subpart:

(1) Subpart B (relating to business corporations) if its articles state that it is incorporated for a purpose or purposes involving pecuniary profit, incidental or otherwise, to its shareholders or members or if its articles are silent on the subject.

(2) Subpart C (relating to nonprofit corporations) if:

(i) its articles state that it is incorporated for a purpose or purposes not involving pecuniary profit; or

(ii) it is subject to Chapter 73 (relating to electric cooperative corporations).

(c) Credit unions.--This subpart shall not apply to a credit union, whether proposed or existing, except as otherwise provided by Title 17 (relating to credit unions).

(d) Workers' cooperative corporations.--Except as otherwise expressly provided in Chapter 77 (relating to workers' cooperative corporations), only Chapters 1 (relating to general provisions), 5 (relating to corporations) and 77 shall apply to a corporation subject to Chapter 77. A cooperative corporation may be incorporated under this chapter notwithstanding the fact that its corporate purposes consist of or include a purpose or purposes within the scope of Chapter 77.

(Dec. 19, 1990, P.L.834, No.198, eff. imd.)

Cross References. Section 7102 is referred to in sections 7104, 7105, 7106, 7107 of this title.

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