15 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 7123 - Filing Procedures

§ 7123. Filing procedures.

(a) Place and method of filing.--The proper place to file a cooperative contract authorized by section 7121(a)(1) or (2) (relating to cooperative contracts generally) is in the Department of State. Subchapter B of Chapter 1 (relating to functions and powers of Department of State) shall not apply to a filing under this subchapter.

(b) Amendments.--A cooperative contract that has been filed under this section may be amended by filing a writing signed by both the cooperative corporation and the member. The filing of an amendment does not extend the period of effectiveness of a filing of a cooperative contract.

(c) Sufficiency of name of member.--Where a member so changes his name or in the case of an association its name, identity or corporate structure that a filing of a cooperative contract becomes seriously misleading, the filing is not effective more than four months after the change, unless a new filing is made before the expiration of that time.

(d) Effect of minor errors.--A filing substantially complying with the requirements of this subchapter is effective even though it contains minor errors that are not seriously misleading.

(e) What constitutes filing.--Presentation for filing of a cooperative contract and tender of the filing fee to or acceptance of the contract by the department constitutes filing under this subchapter.

(f) Duration of effectiveness of filing in general.--The filing of a cooperative contract shall be effective for a period of five years from the date of filing or the duration of the contract, whichever is less. The effectiveness of a cooperative contract filing lapses on the expiration of such period unless a continuation statement is filed prior to the lapse.

(g) Continuation statement.--A continuation statement may be filed by the cooperative corporation within six months prior to the expiration of the five-year period specified in subsection (f). Any such continuation statement must be signed by the corporation, identify the original cooperative contract filing by file number and state that the original contract is still effective. Upon timely filing of the continuation statement, the effectiveness of the original filing shall be continued for five years after the last date to which the filing was effective whereupon it shall lapse in the same manner as provided in subsection (f) unless another continuation statement is filed prior to such lapse. Succeeding continuation statements may be filed in the same manner to continue the effectiveness of the original filing.

(h) Duties of department.--The department shall mark each cooperative contract with a file number and with the date and hour of filing and shall hold the contract or a microfilm or other photographic copy thereof for public inspection. In addition, the department shall index the contract according to the name of the cooperative corporation and the name or names of the members who are parties thereto and shall note in the index the file number and the address of the corporation and the address or addresses of the members.

(i) Termination.--When a cooperative contract filed under this subchapter has been terminated in any manner, the cooperative corporation shall give, upon demand, a termination statement to the member party to the contract, who may file the statement with the department. A cooperative corporation may file at any time a termination statement listing the names of all persons whose contracts have been terminated in any manner other than by expiration of their term. Upon presentation to the department of a termination statement, it shall be noted in the index. If the termination statement has been filed in duplicate, the department shall return one copy of the termination statement to the member or corporation stamped to show the date and time of receipt thereof.

(j) Marking copy of filings.--If the person filing any cooperative contract, continuation statement or termination statement furnishes the department a copy thereof, the department upon request shall note upon the copy the file number and date and hour of the filing of the original and deliver or send the copy to such person.

(k) Furnishing certificates and copies.--Upon request of any person, the department shall issue a certificate showing whether there is on file on the date and hour stated therein, any presently effective cooperative contract filing naming a particular member and, if there is, giving the date and hour of filing of each such contract, the file number thereof and the name and address of the cooperative corporation.

(l) Retention of microfilm or other copies in lieu of originals; admissibility of copies in evidence; duties of department.--In lieu of retaining the originals of any or all papers filed with it under this subchapter, the department may make microfilm, photographic, photostatic or other copies of them which accurately reproduce such originals and may thereafter dispose of the originals so copied, and any copy so made shall be admissible in evidence in any proceeding with the same effect as though it were an original.

(m) Illegible filings.--The duties of the department prescribed in this subchapter shall relate only to clearly legible papers filed with it or submitted to it for filing. The department shall promptly return to the person submitting the same any paper that is not clearly legible.

Cross References. Section 7123 is referred to in section 7122 of this title.

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