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                  Before March 1, 1988, petitioner bought 95 to 98 percent of                              
            its lumber from public timber sales, primarily from the U.S.                                   
            Forest Service (Forest Service) and the Bureau of Land Management                              
            (BLM).  Petitioner also bought timber from the State of Oregon.                                
            Before March 1, 1988, petitioner had 10 major competitors for                                  
            public timber.  Petitioner's primary competitors were the Walkers                              
            (see par. B, below) and Young & Morgan.                                                        
            B.    The Walker Family and the Walker Business                                                
                  Until 1988, the Walker family owned and operated two forest                              
            product companies in the North Santiam Canyon in Oregon.                                       
                  1.     The Walker Family                                                                 
                  References to the Walker family are to Donald Clayton Walker                             
            (D.C. Walker), his wife, Mary Walker, and their daughter, Donna                                
            Lee Bebout (Bebout).  The Walker family competed with the Freres                               
            family in the forest products business in North Santiam Canyon.                                
            On March 1, 1988, D.C. Walker was 62, Mary Walker was 65, and                                  
            Bebout was 37.  Each member of the Walker family was in good                                   
            health on March 1, 1988.                                                                       
                         a.    D.C. Walker                                                                 
                  D.C. Walker was born in 1925.  He graduated from high                                    
            school, but had no further formal education.  He ran his family's                              
            business and made all of the important business decisions.  He                                 
            worked at least 60 hours per week on his family businesses.                                    

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