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                  In 1959, D.C. Walker and two other people bought a sawmill,                              
            moved it to Lyons, Oregon, and formed Cedar Lumber, Inc. (Cedar                                
            Lumber).  D.C. Walker Enterprises, Inc., an S corporation, bought                              
            Cedar Lumber in 1985.  D.C. Walker started the Lyons Veneer                                    
            partnership in 1981.  D.C. Walker had good relationships with                                  
            suppliers and customers.  We discuss D.C. Walker Enterprises,                                  
            Inc., and Lyons Veneer, further at par. B-2, below.                                            
                  Before March 1, 1988, D.C. Walker had a friendly but                                     
            competitive relationship with the Freres family.  He did not have                              
            a social or business relationship with the Freres family after                                 
            March 1, 1988.                                                                                 
                         b.    Mary Walker                                                                 
                  Mary Walker was born in 1922.  She went to business school.                              
            She first worked as a secretary and bookkeeper.  She did                                       
            estimating for a Ford automobile agency and the U.S. Government.                               
            She later did office work for a lumber mill and retail lumber                                  
            yard.  In 1959, she and her family founded Cedar Lumber.  She did                              
            the office work, including the inventory, payroll, and books for                               
            Cedar Lumber.  Mary Walker never bid for timber or sold products.                              
            She did not routinely work for Lyons Veneer.  When she did, she                                
            helped with log inventories.  By 1985, she had stopped working                                 
            full time because of her age.  She did not do much with her                                    
            family's businesses after 1985.  Mary Walker was not employed in                               

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