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                         c.    Donna Lee Bebout                                                            
                  Bebout was born in 1951.  She worked for Cedar Lumber during                             
            the summers when she was in high school.  Before 1978, she worked                              
            as a secretary for the owner of Ruble Forest Products in Eugene,                               
            Oregon.  She worked part time in the forest products industry                                  
            when her son Kyle was born.  She began to work for Lyons Veneer                                
            in September 1980.  During the 5 years before March 1, 1988,                                   
            Bebout did the bookkeeping for Lyons Veneer in her home.  She had                              
            Lyons Veneer's checkbook.  She did some management or supervisory                              
            work for Lyons Veneer.  Lyons Veneer paid her about $3,500 to                                  
            $4,500 per month.                                                                              
                  Bebout was a vice president of D.C. Walker Enterprises,                                  
            Inc., and was on the board of directors in 1988.  When her father                              
            was out of town, Bebout sometimes answered questions about D.C.                                
            Walker Enterprises, Inc., and signed papers for the corporation.                               
            She also did some clerical work for D.C. Walker Enterprises, Inc.                              
                  Bebout had no plans to compete against petitioner even if                                
            she had not signed a covenant not to compete.  To compete with                                 
            petitioner, Bebout would need the help of someone more                                         
            knowledgeable about the forest products business than she is.                                  
                         d.    Brent Walker                                                                
                  Brent Walker is the son of D.C. and Mary Walker.  He was                                 
            estranged from his parents in the 1980's.  Brent Walker operated                               
            a company called Thomas Creek Lumber & Logging Co.  He previously                              

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