Estate of John Kenly, Deceased, Betty B. Kenly, Personal Representative - Page 21

                                                 - 21 -                                                   
            property was granted to decedent and his father as joint tenants,                             
            and petitioner was not a grantee.  Decedent paid nothing towards                              
            the purchase price of the property, which suggests that he                                    
            received his interest in the property as a gift from his father.                              
            Petitioner testified that she and decedent worked at the New                                  
            Mexico ranch for five or six summers after the ranch was acquired                             
            by decedent and his father.  She testified that she did not                                   
            consider that work as liquidating a debt to decedent’s father for                             
            decedent’s interest in the property.  She testified that                                      
            ”probably nothing” would have happened if she and decedent had                                
            not worked at the property.  Petitioner has failed to prove that                              
            decedent’s father did not make a gift to decedent (and to                                     
            decedent alone) of decedent’s interest in the New Mexico ranch.                               
            Section 25-211 of Arizona Revised Statutes, Annotated, provides:                              
            “All property acquired by either husband or wife during the                                   
            marriage, except that which is acquired by gift, devise or                                    
            descent, is the community property of the husband and wife.”                                  
            Implicitly, property acquired by gift to one spouse alone is the                              
            separate property of that spouse.  Decedent’s interest in the New                             
            Mexico property was acquired by gift to decedent and, for that                                
            reason, was not, upon its acquisition, community property.                                    
                  D.  Decedent did not Change the Character of his                                        
                  Interest in the New Mexico Property or any of the                                       
                  Successor Properties to Community Property                                              
                  Decedent’s ownership of the Bard property can, for the most                             
            part, be traced through a series of exchanges to his ownership of                             

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