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          to the plans and, with the exception of advance contributions               
          made with respect to vacation time and severance pay, petitioner            
          did not make any such contributions during the taxable years at             
          issue.  No contributions were made by petitioner to any of the              
          CBA Plans during the relevant period that were not required by              
          collective bargaining agreements.                                           
               Petitioner's subsidiaries, for public financial reporting              
          purposes, accounted for their contributions to the CBA Plans in             
          one of 2 ways.  Skaggs Alpha Beta (for the plans to which it                
          contributed) and Jewel Food Stores (for one of the plans to which           
          it contributed) calculated contributions paid to the plans during           
          the corporations' taxable years (regardless of when the covered             
          services related to the contributions were performed) and                   
          included that total as their contributions expense.  For the                
          other plans to which Jewel Food Stores contributed, and for the             
          plans to which Alpha Beta Company, Osco Drug Company, and Acme              
          Markets contributed, the contributions related to covered                   
          services performed during the corporations' taxable years were              
          treated as contributions expenses (regardless of when those                 
          contributions were paid).  For each of the subsidiaries, and for            
          each taxable year, the amount included as a contributions expense           
          did not include contributions attributable to covered services              
          performed after the end of the taxable year.                                

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Last modified: May 25, 2011