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            mobile home park (the 76.5 acres) next to Brentwood Estates so                              
            they could expand their mobile home park.  This was their primary                           
            purpose in buying and holding the land until they listed the                                
            property for sale or exchange (described below at par. D-1).                                
                  The 76.5 acres had natural mounds of sand on it.                                      
            Petitioners bought the 76.5 acres on the condition that they                                
            could obtain a Pasco County permit to mine sand from it.  Their                             
            contract with the seller required that petitioners pay the seller                           
            $.75 per cubic yard of sand that they removed.                                              
            C.    Petitioners' Sand Mining Activities                                                   
                  1.    Issuance of Mining Permit to Petitioners                                        
                  Petitioners applied to Pasco County for a permit to mine                              
            sand from the 76.5 acres.  At that time, Pasco County required an                           
            applicant for a permit to mine sand to submit a plan showing how                            
            he or she intended to mine and reclaim the property.  Pasco                                 
            County required the applicant to submit engineering studies,                                
            subsurface boring tests, a legal description, an environmental                              
            impact statement, a drainage and flood development plan, a                                  
            processing plan, and a transportation plan.  The applicant had to                           
            show that he or she had a legal interest in the land.  The                                  
            applicant also needed to show financial responsibility, usually                             
            by obtaining a performance bond for the required work.                                      
                  Pasco County staff reviewed the plan, made comments, and                              
            returned it to the applicant.  The applicant responded to the                               

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Last modified: May 25, 2011