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            staff comments.  The staff then prepared a recommendation for a                             
            development review committee that consisted of assistant county                             
            administrators.  That committee reviewed it and submitted                                   
            recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners (B.C.C.).                              
            The B.C.C. held a public hearing and made a decision.                                       
                  Petitioners obtained a mining permit on September 28, 1984,                           
            that allowed them to extract 600,000 cubic yards of sand from                               
            about 57 of the 76.5 acres.  They stated on their application                               
            that they ultimately intended to use the 76.5 acres as a mobile                             
            home park.                                                                                  
                  2.    Permit Procedures When Property is Transferred                                  
                  A permit holder may not sell or transfer his or her Pasco                             
            County sand mining permits.  Pasco County would have immediately                            
            suspended the permit if its code enforcement staff discovered                               
            that a permit holder had tried to sell or transfer it.                                      
                  If property in Pasco County for which a sand mining permit                            
            has been issued is sold, the buyer may not mine sand unless the                             
            County issues a permit to the buyer.  The buyer must apply for a                            
            permit under the procedures described above.  A buyer may use the                           
            engineering studies that had been submitted by the seller if                                
            nothing has changed.  The B.C.C. may approve, approve with                                  
            conditions, or deny the application.  The current permit holder                             
            and the person who wants the permit may apply jointly.  Approval                            
            is sometimes called a "transfer" of the permit, but Pasco County,                           

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