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                  4.    Modification of Petitioners' Permits                                            
                  On September 17, 1985, the B.C.C. approved petitioners'                               
            request to modify petitioners' sand mining permit.  The                                     
            modification allowed petitioners to extract 1.18 million cubic                              
            yards of sand from the 76.5 acres.                                                          
                  In 1989, petitioners asked the B.C.C. to modify the permit a                          
            second time to increase the amount of sand that they could remove                           
            from the 76.5 acres to 2.49 million cubic yards by permitting                               
            removal of sand up to 12 feet below the surface.2  On the                                   
            application to modify the permit, petitioners stated that they                              
            intended to apply for a construction and demolition debris dump                             
            permit after mining is complete, and later to use the 76.5 acres                            
            as a mobile home park.  The B.C.C. approved petitioners' second                             
            request to modify the permit on March 21, 1989.                                             
            D.    Petitioners' Exchange of the 76.5 Acres                                               
                  1.    Listing the Property for Sale                                                   
                  Petitioners listed the 76.5 acres with a realtor to sell as                           
            a mobile home park, sand mine, or construction and demolition                               
            debris dump.  There was a large demand for construction and                                 
            demolition debris dumps in Pasco County when petitioners listed                             
            the 76.5 acres for sale.  David Gilmore (Gilmore) was                                       

                  2Petitioners sold about 1,277,470 cubic yards of sand while                           
            they owned the 76.5 acres.                                                                  

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