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          Center (New Life Center), a residential center for psychiatric              
          patients, which he and another psychologist founded in March                
          The Drawing in Question                                                     
               During the 1970's, petitioner, who at all relevant times has           
          had an interest in and enjoyed art, purchased at least six draw-            
          ings through auctions, galleries, or private sales, including one           
          entitled “Three Feminine Heads” (drawing in question) that he               
          purchased during the early 1970's for $1,300 from a gallery in              
          Washington, D.C., and that had been attributed to the artist                
          Michelangelo Anselmi (Anselmi).  When petitioner acquired those             
          drawings, he did not intend to sell them.  Drawings of the type             
          that petitioner purchased had often been used by their respective           
          artists as models for their own paintings, sculptures, and/or               
               Petitioner conducted research throughout the 1970's and into           
          the 1980's on the drawings that he had acquired during the                  
          1970's.4  As a result of that research, petitioner concluded that           
          certain drawings of the type that he had purchased either were              
          not attributed to particular artists or were attributed, as was             
          subsequently determined was the case with the drawing in ques-              

          4  For example, petitioner asked certain experts at the National            
          Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. (National Gallery) to ascer-             
          tain whether the drawings that he had acquired were structurally            
          sound, that is to say, whether they were on acid-producing paper,           
          which would eventually deteriorate.  There are inconsistencies in           
          the record as to when petitioner undertook such research.                   

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