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          and jumping as a result of having been used in fox hunting and              
          that had been exhibited in certain horse shows.  When he acquired           
          Moonshadow, petitioner believed that it was a willing jumper.  He           
          planned to train Moonshadow in dressage, jumping, and/or cross-             
          country riding, although he was aware that such activities would            
          expose that (as well as any other) horse to a significant risk of           
          injury.  Although petitioner expected to spend around two years             
          in training a horse such as Moonshadow, he was aware that the               
          training period could vary depending, inter alia, on the level of           
          training that it had received prior to the time he purchased it             
          and the type of training that he chose to provide to it.  Peti-             
          tioner hoped to be able to sell Moonshadow after it was trained.            
               During the period 1988 through sometime in 1990, petitioner            
          spent about two-and-a-half to three hours a day, or about 15 to             
          18 hours a week in riding, exercising, and caring for Moonshadow.           
          Petitioner spent that time during the mornings when he was not              
          providing services as a psychologist.                                       
               At no time did petitioner investigate or project the price             
          at which he would have to sell Moonshadow in order to realize a             
          profit from such a sale.  Nor did he contemplate or inquire about           
          the risks associated with owning a gelding such as Moonshadow if            
          it were to become lame (i.e., not only could it not continue its            
          training in, or be used for, any of the activities that peti-               
          tioner had in mind when he acquired Moonshadow, it also could not           
          be used for breeding).  In fact, petitioner did not become aware            

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