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          was trained to jump by a professional trainer that petitioner               
          hired.  Sometime thereafter, Zack developed pedalostitis, a foot            
          disease that prevented it from performing athletic activities.              
          Around 1995, petitioner donated Zack to VPI.                                
               During 1992, petitioner met Sue Attisani Lyman (Ms. Lyman),            
          a horse trainer and breeder since 1979, and bred Jill to Ms.                
          Lyman's stallion for a stud fee of approximately $1,000.  That              
          breeding produced a filly named Lily (Lily) around 1993.  During            
          1995, when petitioner started to provide Lily with some undis-              
          closed type of training, he discovered that it had fractured its            
          shoulder and hip and could not be trained as an athlete at that             
          time, and he therefore abandoned any attempt to train Lily at               
          that time.  As of the time of the trial herein, petitioner                  
          planned to breed Lily in the spring of 1996 and to sell it as a             
               Around 1993, petitioner again bred Jill to Ms. Lyman's                 
          stallion for a stud fee of between $1,000 and $1,900.  That                 
          breeding produced a filly named Bunny (Bunny) during 1994.                  
          Petitioner entered Bunny (1) in a horse show as a six-week old              
          with its dam Jill where it performed favorably; (2) in a horse              
          show as a yearling where it was the winner in a particular class;           
          and (3) in an international horse show for young prospective show           
          horses where it was the champion for yearling fillies.  At some             
          undisclosed time during 1995, petitioner entered into a contract            
          to sell Bunny for $8,500 that was conditioned on the purchaser's            

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