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          terminate or amend the tender offer upon the occurrence of                  
          material adverse changes affecting AHC.  The original expiration            
          date for the tender offer was August 30, 1988, but the expiration           
          date was extended to September 9, 1988, as a result of a fire               
          that totally destroyed the AHC product manufacturing plant on               
          August 25, 1988.                                                            
               On August 3, 1988, a letter, signed by Roger and Sybil                 
          Ferguson as co-chairpersons of AHC, was sent to all shareholders            
          of record.  That letter stated, among other things:                         
               Your Board of Directors has determined that each of the                
               DC Acquisition offer and merger is fair to the                         
               shareholders of American Health and recommends that all                
               shareholders accept the offer and tender their shares                  
               to DC Acquisition.                                                     
               The supplement to the offer to purchase, dated August 22,              
          1988, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as            
          an exhibit to schedule 14D-9, and signed by Michael Ferguson,               
               The Fergusons have advised the Parent [CDI], subject to                
               applicable securities laws, that they will purchase the                
               stock in Parent by means of an exchange of Shares they                 
               hold in the Company [AHC], valued at $22.50 per share,                 
               for an amount of stock in Parent of equivalent value.                  
               Subject to applicable securities laws, Sybil and Roger                 
               Ferguson and Michael D. Ferguson have advised the                      
               Parent and the Company that they will tender all of                    
               their Shares not exchanged for stock in the Parent.                    
                    Sybil Ferguson is expected to become President of the             
               Company following the consummation of the Offer.  It is                
               anticipated that she will enter into a three year                      
               employment agreement with the Company pursuant to which                
               she will receive an annual salary of $200,000.                         
               Pursuant to the agreement, she will be a full time                     
               employee and will be eligible to participate in an                     

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