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                                       - 11 -                                         
          beneficial ownership of securities (SEC Form 4) with respect to             
          Michael Ferguson.  That statement indicates that the gifts to the           
          Church and the MF Foundation occurred on September 9, 1988.                 
          Gifts by Roger and Sybil Ferguson                                           
               On August 21, 1988, Roger Ferguson, in contemplation of a              
          tithing, executed a donation-in-kind record indicating the                  
          intention of Roger and Sybil Ferguson to donate 31,111 shares of            
          AHC stock to the Church.  On or about August 23, 1988, Brett                
          Floyd assisted Roger and Sybil Ferguson to open a new brokerage             
          account and to place 341,366 shares of AHC stock in that account.           
          A legend restricting transfer appeared on those shares, and                 
          Merrill Lynch would not sell or otherwise transfer the shares               
          until it was advised that it could do so by its legal department;           
          that clearance process “took upwards of two weeks”.  On                     
          August 26, 1988, Roger and Sybil Ferguson formed the Roger and              
          Sybil Ferguson Charitable Foundation (R & S Foundation).  On                
          September 8, 1988, Brett Floyd caused an in-house journal entry             
          to be made to transfer from Roger and Sybil Ferguson's brokerage            
          account 31,111 shares of AHC stock to an account maintained by              
          the Church and 26,667 shares of AHC stock to the account                    
          maintained by the R & S Foundation.  On September 9, 1988, Roger            
          and Sybil Ferguson executed an authorization to transfer the                
          shares that Brett Floyd transferred by in-house journal entry the           
          day before.  On October 5, 1988, Billy G. DuPree, Jr., forwarded            
          to the SEC statements of changes in beneficial ownership of                 

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