James E. Griffin and Katrina F. Griffin, Transferees - Page 4

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          fictitious entities and deposited into five different bank                  
               Mr. Fisher began contemplating his scheme well before the              
          first diversion.  Mr. Fisher began taking action on his plan as             
          early as April 17, 1991, when he leased P.O. Box 3794 in Leon               
          County, Florida.  This post office box was listed as the mailing            
          address for several of his fictitious entities and was the                  
          address to which many of the diverted commissions were mailed.              
               On March 17, 1993, Mr. Fisher was found guilty by a jury in            
          Leon County, Florida, of grand theft and official misconduct in             
          connection with the diversion of the telephone commissions.  Mr.            
          Fisher was sentenced to imprisonment for a term of 4 years and              
          ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $288,312.3                      
               Mr. Fisher was also indicted on Federal charges based on his           
          diversion of telephone commissions.  In consideration of being              
          allowed to plead guilty to one count of this Federal indictment,            
          Mr. Fisher agreed to forfeit to the United States all rights,               
          title, and interest in a 0.92-acre parcel of land and a 0.25-acre           
          parcel of land.  In order to accomplish this, Mr. Fisher secured            
          the signatures of petitioners on a quitclaim deed dated May 9,              
          1994, which describes these two parcels.  Mr. Fisher was then               

               3The Florida Department of Law Enforcement was able to                 
          recover only $30,000 out of the approximately $300,000 diverted             
          by Mr. Fisher.                                                              

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