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                    (i) The debtor was insolvent or became insolvent                  
               shortly after the transfer was made or the obligation                  
               was incurred.                                                          
                    (j) The transfer occurred shortly before or                       
               shortly after a substantial debt was incurred.                         
                    (k) The debtor transferred the essential assets                   
               of the business to a lienor who transferred the assets                 
               to an insider of the debtor.                                           

          Several of these listed factors are present here.                           
               Mr. Fisher transferred his interests in the disputed parcels           
          of land by warranty deeds on June 6, 1991, to his sister and                
          brother-in-law, who are "insiders" for the purposes of FUFTA.9              
          See Fla. Stat. Ann. sec. 726.102(7) (West 1988).  Mr. Fisher                
          retained possession and control of the house that was built in              
          1989 on one of the parcels.  He continued to live there until his           
          imprisonment in 1993 and continued to make payments on the loan             
          which encumbered the property.10  Petitioners paid no                       
          consideration in exchange for Mr. Fisher's transfer of the three            
          parcels.  Finally, the transfer of the parcels occurred after Mr.           
          Fisher took the first step in his diversion scheme and shortly              

               9The close relationship of the transferee to the transferor            
          tends to establish a prima facie case of a fraudulent conveyance            
          which must be then met by the taxpayer.  Money v. Powell, 139 So.           
          2d 702 (Fla. Dist. Ct. App. 1962).                                          
               10Retention of possession of the property after the transfer           
          creates a prima facie presumption of fraud.  Jones v. Wear, 149             
          So. 345 (Fla. 1933).                                                        

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