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          credit card receipts, bank statements, or any other documentation           
          which would corroborate their argument.                                     
               Petitioners, instead, rely on their own testimony and that             
          of Mr. Fisher and his former wife, Alice.  However, this                    
          testimony is contradicted by other evidence.  For example, the              
          amount of monthly mortgage payments that petitioners claim to               
          have made to Mr. Fisher do not correspond to the original loan              
          from North Florida National Bank in 1984.  Petitioners claim to             
          have made monthly payments of $350 for approximately 1-1/2 years,           
          whereas the North Florida National Bank loan required monthly               
          payments of $244.38 for 5 years.  Additionally, Mr. Fisher                  
          executed several loans secured by mortgages on the property.  In            
          each instance, Mr. Fisher purported to be the true owner.  Mr.              
          Fisher also applied for the construction permit which authorized            
          the construction of the house on parcel 1 during 1988.  Finally,            
          during Mr. and Mrs. Fisher's divorce proceedings, parcel 1 was              
          treated as marital property and awarded to Mr. Fisher.                      
               Mr. Fisher's actions were consistent with true ownership.              
          Petitioners failed to present documentation corroborating their             
          payment for the property.  Petitioners have not presented clear,            
          strong, and unequivocal evidence of a resulting trust.  Indeed,             
          the preponderance of the evidence supports a finding that Mr.               
          Fisher was the owner of the property prior to June 6, 1991.                 
               The fair market value of the property transferred on the               
          date of transfer must be determined to find the extent of                   

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