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          cash which demonstrate fraud for purposes of FUFTA.  During the             
          period from December 3, 1991, through March 14, 1992, Mr. Fisher            
          transferred $14,457.97 to petitioners for which they paid no                
          consideration.  Fla. Stat. Ann. sec. 726.105(2)(h) (West 1988).             
          Petitioners are insiders for purposes of FUFTA.  Fla. Stat. Ann.            
          sec. 726.105(2)(a) (West 1988).  In addition, Mr. Fisher created            
          several fictitious entities in order to carry out and later                 
          conceal the telephone commissions that he diverted from the State           
          of Florida.  Mr. Fisher transferred some of the telephone                   
          commissions to petitioners by checks drawn on the accounts opened           
          in the names of these fictitious entities.  Petitioners                     
          transferred some of these funds back to Mr. Fisher through the              
          use of money orders payable to Mr. Fisher and to others that he             
          designated.  These actions are indicative of Mr. Fisher's intent            
          to conceal these assets.  Fla. Stat. Ann. sec. 726.105(2)(g)                
          (West 1988).  Finally, the transfers of cash occurred shortly               
          before Mr. Fisher incurred a substantial tax liability.  Fla.               
          Stat. Ann. sec. 726.105(2)(j) (West 1988).  Together, these                 
          factors demonstrate Mr. Fisher's intent to hinder, delay, or                
          defraud his creditors.  Fla. Stat. Ann. sec. 726.105(1)(a) (West            

          C.  Subsequent Transfers by Petitioners                                     

               Petitioners contend that, even if they are held liable as              
          transferees, the amount of their liability should be reduced by             

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