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                                       - 14 -                                         
               Petitioner's testimony regarding his compensation                      
          arrangements with Mr. Hall, and his failure to keep track of                
          amounts due from Mr. Hall, was not credible.  Petitioner                    
          testified that payments varied and that there was no set amount             
          or percentage that determined what Mr. Hall was to pay him.                 

               Q.   What was the purpose of Mr. Hall's payments to you, Mr.           
               A.   In many areas, we worked around the property, of which            
                    I didn't take off work, et cetera, and propose [sic] to           
                    help him in order to help him with his work.  And that            
                    was basically the extent of it.                                   
               Q.   Okay.  And how much were you paid for this?                       
               A.   It varied.                                                        
               Q.   How about your --                                                 
               A.   There was no set amount.                                          
               Q.   -- was it about 25 percent of what Mr. Hall was paid by           
                    Bay Point?                                                        
               A.   I can't say that it was that.  I don't know, sir, and I           
                    don't remember the exact amounts.  It was not ever                
                    requested in the exact amount.                                    
               Q.   How did you ever know that you were getting the right             
                    amount of payment from Mr. Hall?                                  
               A.   I guess I trusted him.                                            
               Q.   So, you had no set arrangement with Mr. Hall as to how            
                    much you were to be paid.                                         
               A.   No, sir.  Not on that.  I did not.                                
               Q.   And so how would it work with Mr. Hall?  At the end of            
                    the week, how would you get paid?                                 

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